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e-Liquid Database is for all you eLiquholics out there who are interested in what exactly makes the atomizer wet. Every brand of e-liquid manufactured anywhere in the world and commercially available is listed here. You'll find all the American e-liquids, EU made e-liquids, Chinese e-liquids and even the few e-liquid brands made elsewhere. You'll find lots of detailed information about every one of them to make shopping easier. Please use the "Submit New" form if you know a brand or a alternate supplier thats not yet listed.

What is e-Liquid / e-Cigarette?

Since you managed to find this page, you probably already know what you are doing. If not, please read e-Savuke.com's articles about electronic cigarette liquid and electronic cigarettes to find out more.

How to read the e-liquid information?

e-Liquid listing explained

  1. e-Liquid brand and/or owner (if different).
  2. Where the e-Liquid is made/mixed.
  3. Where the majority of incredients used are from.
  4. How many tobacco flavors the supplier offers of this brand of e-Liquid.
  5. How many other flavors the supplier offers of this brand of e-Liquid.
  6. Nicotine strengths the supplier offers. (milligrams per milliliter)
  7. Bottle sizes the supplier offers.
  8. What compound is used as a base for the e-Liquid.
  9. Can be Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) or a mix of these.
  10. Price per one milliliter when bought in a 10ml bottle. Price may and usually is lower in larger bottles. If 10ml bottles are not available, closest size will be chosen. If the supplier only offers 30ml bottles, you can add about 10% to the price/ml for fair comparison. Original currency is bolded, other currencies are converted from the original and might be a little off due to currency changes.
  11. Links to supplier websites. Coupon code will be displayed after the link if available. Use the link next to it (this assures the discount will be applied) and enter code at checkout (if needed) to recieve the discount shown.
  12. Screenshot of the suppliers website and e-Liquid bottle (if available).


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